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Monday, 2 July 2012

Under Construction

Under Construction..please be patient..

This is what I feel like at the moment. That I am under construction and that everyone needs to leave me alone until the repairs are done and I am as good as new. I feel like there is no point trying to make new friends or attempt to meet boy friends because I don't have time for them right now and that would be unfair on them. That and who knows where/who I will be at the end of this journey?

I borrowed this image from and I feel like it epitimises what I feel like
(except I'm more like this... )

Actually this site, and this article had a few snippets that really hit home with me today.. . It talks about how we will never be completely happy with ou body image no matter what size we are but that we will accept with age that it is about what we can do with our bodies, not what we look like.

Does anyone else have problems with how they look like despite losing a weight? Do you think that this is something you will accept with age, or once you reach a particular weight?

I always thought that once I reached "this size", "that weight", had a flat stomach, nice arms etc that I would accept my body and be happy with what I have. Perhaps a tad unrealistic, but if I don't believe in this, then why lose the weight? Being healthy does not motivate me at all, because at the moment there are no side effects or consequences.. yet. Yet when I lost a serious amount of weight before I did not actually feel like I had lost any. This is something I tried to explain to my mum just the other day, that where I was before and where I am now actually doesn't feel any different to me. I know I am bigger, I know I need bigger clothes, but I don't feel any bigger, and I don't feel like I was very much skinnier, despite the numbers saying differently.

It is a hard one and something I feel like I need to address on my journey of weight loss as I feel like if I don't unlock the reasons why? then I will never be able to move on and actually live a happy and healthy life.

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