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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One day.

As I look outside this cage, to the sights and sounds of the world,
the outside calling, beautiful in its simplicity,
sun, trees, grass, wind, water,
A bird in flight,
A bee on the flower.
What is this world on the outside?
Why is it calling?
A cage through which I can see but not touch,
forever reaching through the bars,
forever grasping at air,
Why can't I touch it?
Why I am in this cage?
Then I look at the cage,
this cage of my own making.
A cage built on fear and pain.
A cage built of my own belief,
I am not good enough to join this world,
I don't deserve to touch, to enjoy
the sun, trees, grass, wind and water.
No that is not for me,
That is a world for the beautiful,
the healthy, the dedicated, the best.
I shrink back into my cage and close my eyes to the light.
It hurts too much to see just yet,
but one day, one day I will escape my cage and enjoy
the sun, the trees, the grass, the wind and the water.
One day.

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