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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Just an update

Not that anyone reads this blog but I just felt like writing something about where I'm at lately.

Still trying to eat more intuitively. And finding that in general I think I am eating less and healthier. Obviously there are times where this goes out the window, but for the most part I am eating far less than I used to. And enjoying it. And feeling satisfied afterwards. Which is great.

The not so great part is the times when I am not eating properly and not feeling motivated to exercise as much as I should. So time to change that!

So I am looking at going back to PT twice a week as I need someone to motivate me and help me push myself. I have also bought myself some roller skates. Random I know. But I have never roller skated and always wanted to, plus it has got some great benefits for you- great for your core and legs and less impact on the knees which is fantastic for me. I'm hoping the combination of the two and my good eating will get me back on track and help me to lose the weight. So to help me I need to set some goals:

Goal 1: 4kgs
Timeframe: May 30th
Saved: $1000

Goal 2: 5Kgs
Timeframe: July 4th
Saved $1500

Goal 3: 5kgs
Timeframe: August 15th
Saved: $2500

Goal 4: 4kgs
Timeframe: September 30th
Saved : $3000

Goal 5: 3kgs
Timeframe: October 30th
Saved : $3500

Goal 6: 3kgs
Timeframe: December 20th
Saved: $4000

Goal 7: 3kgs
Timeframe: February 20th
Saved: $5000

Goal 8: 3kgs
Timeframe: April 20th
Saved: $6000

Goal Weight: 77kgs.