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Thursday, 5 January 2012


This is only a short blog, and probably the only one until after the holiday season (yay!)

I am now 2.5kg lighter- woohoo. Slow and steady. And while I am dissapointed as it looks like I won't be hitting my 8kg by end of December goal, at least I have lost some weight and am still determined to stick with it.

Coincidently reading an article this morning which says that for the best weight loss results aim for half a pound a week. By that equation I'm doing quite well. As it has been roughly 6 weeks (this being the 7th) since I started and have lost 5.5 pounds.

It also means that should I continue to lose about half a pound a week I will actually lose the total amount of weight I want to lose long before I thought I would. (haha now thats a tongue twister)
By July or some such actually. Rather than October. Scary. In 6 months I could look totally different!

It will also mean I need to re- evaluate my goals.So : I want  to lose 10 kgs by the end of February. (Right before my girls weekend to Sydney!)

Some small steps to make sure I stay on track for the holidays are:

Limited alcohol. While Im not a big drinker, I may try one or two drinks, especially as mum might be making cocktails! I will stick to water and tonic water and lime most of the time though!

No over eating. I can try something but I don't need to eat an entire piece of pudding, with custard and cream, plus christmake cake, plus all those other things that mums been cooking up! A mouthful (or two) is fine.

Excercise! Seeing as we have a dam, and I'm pretty close to some nice bush trails I might spend my time enjoying some swimming and walking instead of the gym. The best thing is, I can do it with the family, and it won't feel like I'm the grinch (off to the gym while everyones trying out the latest game/toys that they were given for xmas.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and new year- and best of luck staying on top of their weight loss goals!

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