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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Following through..

So I had a pretty good break really. All in All. I ate fairly healthily, I made sure to exercise but quite frankly I am glad to be back at work and into my routine again.

While I was on break I was slipping into old habits, not necessarily because I wanted to, but because I didn't have my routine. I didn't have the foods that I would normally eat on hand and I was thrown out of balance so I started falling back into old habits.

Luckily it was only a week, and I noticed what I was doing and started trying to get back into the routine, but still it shows how quickly I could fall off the band wagon. And I do NOT want that.

So back to getting into routine. There was a storm Monday night and I couldnt sleep at all! Then Tuesday was my first day back ( argh) and Tuesdays are gym day. Did I want to go to the gym? No. Was I tired? Yes. Did I have all the gym stuff in my car? Yes. 

So what happened? After I had made up my mind not to go to the gym, to go home, have a break and go tomorrow, I got in the car and I drove to the gym.

This is why I love routine. It also made me very happy to know that I chose the gym. I'm breaking those bad habits. Slowly.

It also helps when your family starts saying things like " you've definately lost weight" " have your friends noticed yet?" " and look at your waist!". Compliments never fail to boost anyones day, but knowing they are about my weight, which is a normally a negative, makes me more motivated. I mean how could I not go to the gym when it means I get compliments like that?

I found this article today about motivation and following through, and sometimes you have to stop listening to that inner voice and some thing. Like me going to the gym on Tuesday. It has some good points, so if you have the motivation but not the power to follow through, then maybe you should have a read. Or maybe you should stop reading this and get moving!

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