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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Me v's the bikini

I finally took some photo's the other day. Scary. It's one thing to see yourself in your clothes, that are specifically chosen to show off your best parts (and hide the rest) and quite another to see yourself in an ill fitting 3 year old pair of bathers. Urgh.

There is a reason why I avoid looking at and wearing bathers. All I can say is that I am trying to change and hopefully not to long in the future I won't be so depressed when I see myself in the mirror in the same pair of bathers.

Saying that- great motivation! Especially as I only have a few weeks to go before I need to reach my first goal of 8kg... I'd be happy with 6, but I'll try for 8. I mean theres no harm in trying to lose more right? Feeling a bit impatient right about now though- I mean I'm eating like a MILLION times healthier, well maybe not a million,  but pretty close, and NADA. Sigh.

It's just that last time it was so easy. I lost 5kg in one week once! Not exactly healthy perhaps, but great for my ego!

I know it won't be as easy this time, things are different, setting, age, diet etc etc but it would be good to have a little sign right about now to say - yes you are on the right track, keep going, its making a difference!- you know one of those..

Ah well. I'm determined that I will win against my worst enemy: the Bikini and this time next year I will laugh in its face and dare it to make me feel fat again. Take that.

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