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Monday, 15 October 2012

The "Cure".

Diet pills, drugs, hormones .. We all hear about these being developed every single day. That scientists are that bit closer to discovering why people are obese and how to cure it. I come across these articles (like the one below) almost every day as I scan the news.

I understand that to many obesity is a disease, and as such it has a cure.

However I am of the mindset that no amount of drugs can "cure" obesity. That is up to the individual.

I also believe that if all the people who are obese sat around waiting for this cure, then nothing is every going to change. Lets face it, if a cure is to be found, it is going to take years of research and testing before being able to used safely by humans.

So why am I talking about this? Because people need to realise that while there is support and options out there for people wanting to lose weight, it is not going to happen by itself. You need to get up and moving NOW not tomorrow, or next week, on Monday, on your birthday, in the new year.. those are just excuses to prolong the inevitable.

AND it is going to be hard, long and painful. Emotional, scary and absolutely 120% worth it. There is no quick fix, no short term cure, no drug that will make it all go away. As the old saying goes, No Pain No Gain.

What is also scary, is that if you do not actually try to understand the reason why you are obese and make changes behaviourally and psychologically not just physically, then you are more than likely to gain the weight back on.

"There is data to suggest that up to 90 percent of people will go on a diet and do exercise and within a year, they have relapsed to their old weight –– our bodies are designed to defend a set weight,"

(that was from the article above)

The reason behind this is because while you have stuck to the equation of a diet (exercise more than what goes in your body) eventually you will stop, you will go back to old habits, old behaviours and the things that made you gain weight initially. Maybe you don't put on as much weight, or maybe you do change your behaviours after you have lost the weight through a diet. But essentially you have to CHANGE for it to become permanent.

As I said, there is no quick fix or easy solution. Each person is different, and every person has different reasons, and once we source those reasons THEN we can begin to the journey to start out all again, and do it RIGHT.

For ourselves, for our friends, for our family, for our future, we need to make a start NOW.

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