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Monday, 22 October 2012

It's the simple things in life.

Why do I want to lose weight?

To be healthier
To be smaller
To live longer
To enjoy life more
To be fitter
To be a good role model to friends and family
To be able to run around and play with (future) children
To be able to go running without being out of breathe
To be able to go to the beach without feeling out of place
To wear a pair of bathers and not be self conscious
To not have rolls
To be able to wear a singlet and jeans without feeling like covering up
To be able to go out to dinner and eat dessert  and feel judged
To wear smaller clothes
To wear more fashionable clothes
To go shopping with my friends in the same store
To be able to borrow clothes of my friends
To not have to try on 10 pairs of jeans and walk out because none of them fit
To feel beautiful
To feel happy
To be comfortable in my own skin
To be comfortable with the other sex
To be a better me

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