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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday Training

So last night I was worked. HARD.

I had to complete a circuit of 4 exercises three times under 5 minutes each.

The exercises were:

Jump in the shape of a square i.e jump 4 times forward, right, back and left. Do this 5 times then reverse the jumps.

With 5kg weights spread your legs wide, then reach down with your opposite hand to touch your foot. You HAVE to keep your back straight and you should bend the knee of you the leg your are touching while your other leg stays straight. Do the same to the other leg. Then straighten up and pretend to punch with your right and left arm. That's one. Do 10.

Mini planks. Put yourself in the plank position. Bring your right arm and left leg up so they are not touching the floor, hold for three seconds. That's one. Do 10 and alternate between your left and right.

Last one. I did this with 8kgs, but you will probably want 5kgs if you are just starting out. Get into a squat position lift the weights up level to your shoulders, squat, then as you come out of your squat push the weights up so that your arms are straight. Bring back down to shoulder height then squat again. Do this 10 times.

Start again.

It's not the exercises that are hard so much as having to do them one after the other and as fast as you can.

I left feeling worked and exhausted and now feeling a little tender today. BUT it was a great work out and really got me back into the right head space.

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