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Monday, 13 August 2012

It's time to get Serious: Monday training

So I tried on my ball dress again last week. While I have had progress, I still have a bit to go. So I mentioned this to my trainer on Friday, and the results were Monday's training session.

Not sure if I'm going to regret my decision to tell her- time will tell!

So yesterday I did a similar session to the one in my Training with a capital T post.

I had to do 10 of each exercise, as fast as I can and then do it all over again!

So to warm up I did a 5 min jog on the treadmill. Then it was straight into it.

The exercises were:

Burpees: (including push up and sand bag). So starting standing up, jump out until your in a push up position, push up, jump back in, grab the sandbag and push that all the way over your head. Bring the sandbag back down to the ground. That's one.

Squats: Move the sandbag back to behind your head so it rests on your shoulders. Settle into a squat and as you come back up jump a little keeping the balls of your feet on the floor. Repeat.

Pushups: You should know how to do these :P

Sit ups: Not your average sit up. Bring your knees up off the ground and then try to reach your ankles. This one is a killer. I feel it EVERY time.

Leg drops: So moving into a crab like position, with your hand facing your knees, and your facing the ceiling, lift one of your legs off the ground until it is out straight then slowly lower it until you butt almost- but doesn't- touches the ground. Put it back down and swap legs.

Knee tucks: You should know these as well.

Lunges: My worst enemy. I just don't have any balance!!

Sit ups: I'm not sure exactly what you call this, but your on your back and with your legs up in the air -picture yourself in an L shape. Then you lower your legs as far as you can without touching the ground and bring back up. 1. Now do the other 9!

Plank Jacks: So your in a push up position, then imagine you're doing a star jump. Hold your core tight and jump your legs out, and then in. This one really works your core and used to be one that I struggled with a lot!

Quarter burpees: Last one! So start by bending over and touching the ground, then jump your legs out as far as you can, then jump back in. That's one.

This one was the one I hated the most!! Everything else I could move through but this one killed.

Afterwards it was straight into a 5 min jog which she slowly brought the time down so that eventually by 3 min I was walking.

This was a great session and I was really proud of myself, there were times when I just wanted to say I couldn't do it, I was too tired, I'd had enough, instead I just took a deep breathe, calmed myself down and got stuck back into it.

Now for Wednesday's session.. now there's a session I'm not looking forward too! I am going to be on the rower and then every time I take a break I am going to be doing stomach exercises, back on the rower, break to stomach exercises.

She also said that she might throw in some boxing moves, which I am very excited with as I used to do twai won do when I was in high school and really enjoyed it.

Oh and homework! She recommended I did these at home. Planks- holding yourself in a push up position (bum down) for as long as possible. Eventually building yourself up to 45 seconds to 2 mins! Side plank jacks- similar thing except your resting on one arm and your toes lifting your body up and hold. Repeat on the other side. 

Now these she said would get your tummy flat! So for all those girls out there who dream of a flat tummy- this is your answer. Not sit ups, which build and strengthen your core, but Planks. And they HURT! But hey it's worth it!.

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