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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Memory Lane and lots of Pain.

That is what I am expecting this afternoon as I watch the clock creep up to 6pm. Tonight is my first personal training session, and I am expecting to be crippled tomorrow.

On one hand I am excited as I am starting to get motivated and in the swing of things again, eating better, and wanting to excercise, and now hopefully do things better with some guidance.

However I know this will not be easy, I know this will be painful.

Saying that I have been going through some of my old notes, stored on this computer, from when I first started this journey in November 2011.

I am surprised to see how much progress I have made, when I feel that I haven't progressed at all, especially when it comes to food.

Foods to eliminate: 

Chocolate- I have just gone through a month without chocolate and no longer feel the cravings I used to
Alcohol- Only drink at special occasions.
Artificial Sweeteners-
Chips, lollies, sweets- I have cut down on these dramatically. I can't even remember the last time I had a packet of chips..
Soft drink-A work in progress..

Foods to be avoided:
Full Fat Dairy Products- Done :)
White flour foods such as baked goods, bread, pastries etc -Besides bread, I have pretty much eliminated the rest!!

Foods to limit:
Dairy- I only have milk in my coffee, and the occassional yoghurt or piece of cheese now :)
Coffee- hmmm not sure I'm EVER going to kick this habit...
Foods to increase:
Vegetables- Check
Fruits- CheckHealthy Protein- CheckHerbs, spices- working on it
Legumes- working on it

Goals for losing weight: Here is where I have struggled. Now to readjust my goals.

July 1st December 2011: 8kgs                  Smallest I have been in almost 3 years :(
Challenge: Jog for 5 minutes without panting.
Reward: A new handbag.

August 5th February 2012: 16kgs
Be able to fit into old “skinny” clothes auch as jeans, shorts etc
Challenge: Finish a 8km Obstacle course
Reward: Day Spa Treatment.
September 16th  March 2012: 20kgs
As skinny as I was when I came back from Sweden. Time to reminisce!
Challenge: Do 50 "real" push ups with ease.
Reward: Buying a new pair of Jeans. I haven't bough jeans in about 3 years..

October 28th May 2012: 25kgs
Unchartered Territory! It’s time to start thinking about where to go from here..
Challenge: Jog for 10 kms.
Reward: Burn all of my old clothes! Have a party to celebrate!

November 25th July 2012: 30kgs
SOOOO Close! Time to start thinking about new clothes/style!
Challenge: Go Bungy Jumping
Total: 30kgs by the end November 2012 :)

What do you think, am I being realistic? Do I need to give myself more time?

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