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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Diet Tweaks

So after almost a week of eating my so called diet, I need to make a few tweaks, mostly due to my inability to stick to my diet .. yes yes I know. I've only been on it for a few days and I can't even stick to it for that long! I have girls at my work on protein diet, organic diets, sugar free diets for weeks now and have managed to lose kilos. Unfortunately I'm just not one of them.

So tweaks I think I need to make:

More filling breakfast: Today I had a Turkish roll with avocado, 2 boiled eggs, a smear of cream cheese: toasted. It was A-Mazing. And filling. I also had my standard coffee.

Results? I didn't feel hungry till about 11 am. ( I usually have brekky about 8am) so that's pretty good.

Morning Tea: So I have been eating my two apples, sliced each morning and that has been going well. Something I could stick with.

But to make my diet better, I have added a glass of V8 juice (1 fruit, two veg in each glass- or so it says) and I think I will add a carrot as well and see how that goes.

Benefits: I eat 3 serves of fruit and 3 serves of veg before it's lunchtime. Which is good if I end up foods with less veg later. Also I don't eat fruit if it's not in the morning. I'm weird that way..
I know having juice is bad for you, however I don't drink any other liquids besides coffee and water most days so I feel that this ok. At least until I get in the habit of eating better, then maybe I won't need the juice :)

Lunch: Is going well. I was having salad roll and ham. However I find that it doesn't fill me up very much. So I think I will try and add more protein to the meal. Maybe a serve of chicken instead of ham or an egg or something so that I can make it that bit longer till dinner time.

Afternoon. I was snacking on lollies because lunch didn't fill me up, however I'm hoping that by increasing the protein in my lunch that this will deter unhealthy snacking. I have also started eating yoghurt again, so will try and eat a small tub of yoghurt if I do feel the need to snack.

Dinner: Is going well. Gradually lowering portion size and reducing snacking before and after dinner is cooking. I find that if I cook, I am less likely to snack. Not sure why, maybe because I am distracted by the process of cooking rather than drooking from the smells from the kitchen.

I will try and put this into place next week and see whether the tweaks help :) I have noticed that lately I have been sleeping better, my skin is clearing up again and I have more energy (probably due to a good nights sleep) so I am going to keep giving this a go until it works!!!

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