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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Feeling the buzz!

I had a great weekend. I really did! Friday night I went to dinner with two of my besties at a new Japanese restaurant then headed to watch Fast and the Furious 6 at the movies. Unfortunately it was sold out so we watched Hangover 3 instead. Not as good but not bad.

Saturday I did part of my assignment for Interior Design, cleaned up the house and then headed out early for a friends birthday. We spent 6 hours at the pub catching up with old friends and having a great time before heading into the city to a club that's not really my scene. Me and a friend left shortly after as we weren't comfortable there and she was starting to feel a bit sick- probably because of all the strobe lights!

Sunday I did more of my assignment. It had been wet and windy all weekend and finally at about 4 me and my sister decided to brave the weather and take the dogs for a walk. I'm really glad we did, the dogs loved it and it was great to get outside and work off some energy. Unfortunately we got caught in the rain heading home, but nothing a nice hot shower couldn't fix!

I love it when my life is like this. Busy but with enough time to do things like cleaning and cooking. Spending time with friends and getting outside for a bit. It keeps me moving and active.

It made me realise how far my life has changed.

I used to spend weekends like this in bed reading or watching movies eating junk food.

I would never msg someone to organise something. I would wait for them to msg me.

I would never head out in the rain for a walk.

I never used to have this buzz of energy that needed to be worked off. That I felt like I should be doing something, rather than just sitting around.

I would have eaten far more than what I did. Actually I almost forgot to eat for most of the weekend. Except breakfast- I can't miss breakfast!

And the biggest change of all? I looked in the mirror and I could see the way my body had changed. No longer massive rolls showing through my dresses or jeans. No longer big hips and thighs making me a massive pear.

In the last few weeks I have lost even more weight and my work clothes are starting to be a problem - I will need to down size soon. :)

Soon I will need to post pictures! Happy Monday all!

1 comment:

  1. I love that you are feeling so positive! Congratulations on making such a dramatic change in your life.

    I too found that my life felt more full as I lost weight because I was willing to get out there and live it!