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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Updates on a dark and wintery morning

So while half the world is enjoying their summer, we in Australia are 'enjoying' our winter.

I get up at 6, and it is dark and cold and I must admit I struggle.

I also get home to dark and cold and I struggle.

Struggle with what? Eating, exercising, life.

I say this, but if you probably were to have a peak into my life you probably wouldn't see too many changes from summer to now. Less walks maybe, less fruit, more time spent in bed.

I haven't skipped any training sessions. So I'm still working out 4 times a week at this stage.

I am still improving my eating habits.. I want to cut back on cheese and sauces.

It's also been hard lately as my sister and her partner have moved back home. And they do not eat what I eat. And because they do not spend the first part of their evenings at training, they tend to be there when the decisions about what to eat for dinner are being made.

This has meant that I have had to come home and make separate meals for myself and means no leftovers for the next day. Meaning I have to buy my lunch. Which isn't too bad as there are lots of healthy places to eat around here. It does mean though I'm spending more money and time on food than I want to.

What do they eat that is so horrible? Lot's of creamy, heavy foods. Foods with a lot of pastry. Foods with everything chucked in without thought for taste.

I hate it.

But what can you do? It's just another part of life and moving on and dealing with the daily challenges of losing weight.

I have my day off from training tomorrow and plan to use it to make a few things in advance to tide me over for the next few days. Planning, planning, planning. It's the only way to successfully lose weight!

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