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Monday, 11 June 2012

Post Weekend Review

So Friday was amazing. I did a 200 rep work out, and while I struggled a bit with some of the exercises that I haven't done a lot before- the burpees and stuff- everything else I did well! She even said I had great form =D
Saturday came along and I had a great day - went shopping and bought a whole heap of accessories like a sun hat and one of those felt hats that are in at the moment for winter, gloves, beanie and a whole heap of stationary for a friends birthday.

Then I went out with the girls, we had dinner which was a laugh as my friends brought along all the photos from her birthday- which was geisha themed! Then we headed over to Leisure Island for a bit until our movie started. It felt like we were 15 again!!

Sunday I worked :( and I was weak and ate terrible foods, but I was so tired and over it that I couldn't think straight and gather enough will power to stop myself. The good news is that I lifted and walked up and down enough stairs that I pretty much did a mini work out....

Monday I was over tired and sent myself home after like an hour at work. I pretty much spent the day in bed reading and sleeping. By evening I was feeling better and decided to go along to training.

She worked my bum, thighs and core this time and I'm still feeling it. Afterwards I had a shower and made myself look at my reflection in the mirror. Really look...something I tend to avoid unless its my face or hair. And I noticed changes!! My bum and legs are looking less dimply and round and actually look more like they should! ...My stomach is weird and has like a flap of skin which I hate, but that's actually getting smaller!

So maybe, just maybe, this might work. I mean even when I lost weight before I still had the same problems with my stomach not being flat and butt being big. BUT maybe this personal training thing might actually solve that! It's like a light bulb moment. You do these things because you know you should, but you've tried so many that you've kind of given up hope, but you don't realise that until you actually notice changes and starte to hope again.

That's where I'm at right now- I'm starting to hope again. Maybe this is finally the answer to me losing the weight and actually making changes to my life. Wow.

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