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Thursday, 21 June 2012


"Friendships in the adult world is something I struggle with."

This is what I was reflecting on as I was driving into work this morning. As someone that works in the communications field and media emailing, msging and social media is something I am doing constantly. So to me it is a real struggle to understand why when I send someone a msg or email them that they don't reply that hour, day or even at all. To me that is just rude, and I find it is something that my close friends do a lot of.

Lately I have been going through a hard time at home. Now I am not someone that makes friends easily, so I have a close group of friends that I have known since high school which we have gone through almost everything together, from first boyfriends, cars, jobs, moving out, deaths, health problems, family problems.. you name it. You would think that after going through all that, I would feel like I could talk to them about everything and anything.

I don't.
Mostly because I feel like at the moment it's a one way street, they know I am struggling but they don't ask me what's wrong or offer to help. I msg them to say lets do something and get 'I'm busy' in reply. I know that my friends all have their own things going at the moment so I don't want to pressure them, but a little more contact would be nice. I mean we have gone from my uni days where I would spend like 3-4 nights at a friends place just because it was close to uni, to seeing them maybe once a month.

So my question is, is this normal in adult friendships? Am I just being needy or clinging to the friendship of our youth? Or do I need to broaden my friendship circles... in which case how do you do that??

I have no idea how to really make new friends, I mean I have two or three friends outside of this particular circle which I catch up with, and then their are my facebook friends... but they don't get any face to face time due to distance (most of them are overseas) I get along with the people at my work, gym etc but I have no idea how to go that next step further and make new friends.. I am at a total loss. :S

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