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Monday, 19 March 2012

Fitness First. Weight Loss Second.

Went to the gym last night. And believe me I was in the zone. It was great! I did 45 min on the bike, on level 9 and worked off 680 calories! Woot!
It felt Aaaamazing! And afterwards I wasnt event tired or sore or even panting hard.

3 weeks ago and I wouldn't have been able to have done that. 3 weeks ago and I would have barely made it through 10 min on the bike.

Its great to see results in my fitness, even if the scales aren't exactly reflecting that right about now.. but it got me thinking..

Should I really be worrying about my weight loss so much, when I am clearly in a better place than I was a month ago? I mean I'm eating healthier, exercising more often and harder, my skin looks amazing and I have so much more energy... shouldn't I be happy with that? Besides everyone knows weight loss doesnt exactly follow a logical order, and the scales don't reflect the amount of muscle that I might have either.. so maybe I need to chill and be happy with what I have.

Then, reading this article this morning, and thought I would share. Essentially it says that its maintaining and improving your fitness levels that prevents cardiovascular problems (heart attacks etc) not decreasing your BMI.

"It means that we can tell people to continue to exercise even if they're not seeing changes overtly physically," Narula continued. "It can be disheartening for people exercising and dieting to not see results. Being able to say its effects are going on at a level that you may not visibly see may translate into long-term outcomes; that's a powerful message."
"So, to live longer you need to exercise more even if you're not shedding pounds."

So really, if I was to become incredibly fit, and still weighed what I did today, I would still reduce my risk of heart disease.. good news!

(Secretly if I was incredibly fit I would hope my body didn't weigh the same as it does today- I mean, I want to look good too!)

But it does mean looking at going to the gym differently, I'm there to get fit, not just to lose weight, to be fitter and healthier. I want to be one of those people that can run marathons at the end of my weight loss, not someone that hate's the thought of exercising and gains weight all over again.

Ariticle :

What motivates you? Do you need more reasons to go to the gym other than weight loss? (personally the good looking guys does help A LOT) Or is weight loss enough to motivate you?

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