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Monday, 5 November 2012

Training update

So I have decided to up the ante and to train three times a week. I will still be doing my 2x personal training sessions on Monday and Wednesday and now I will be doing a GX boxing session on Fridays.

GX is a high intensity boxing session, using boxing moves you do a minute (or so) of a series of moves for as hard and fast as you can. Rest for 30 seconds and then move on to the next series of moves.

An example might be to do a left jab, right jab, right cross and then duck. You have to repeat those punches for a minute.

I was a bit worried when my trainer first suggested I come along, mostly because I haven't exercised in front of people since the beginning of the year when I was going to the gym, and also because I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up and would let the group down.

I shouldn't have worried. While I struggled with some of the exercises ( my coordination SUCKS!) it was no more than what any beginner would be like and I didn't feel like I was being left behind at all.

It was also a lot of fun, which is something I hadn't expected! There was a lot of bantering and jokes, as well as encouragement from the others, which was quite enjoyable.

I had yesterday off and decided to head to training earlier. I did 5 min jog on 8 on the treadmill. Then I had to do 200 sprints jump off the treadmill and do 5 chin ups before jumping back on the treadmill. I repeated that 3 times.

I was quite happy, because not only did I do the 5 min jog without dying or having to stop and walk (as I would have a couple of months ago) I also upped the speed on the treadmill for my sprints. Going from 8 to a 10.9. I have NEVER EVER jogged at over 8 before, let alone over 10.

I'm sure I would not be able to maintain the speed for any length of time, but I'm proud nonetheless that I am making progress with my fitness.

I finished off the session with 3 minutes of squats and 3 minutes of cross fit sit ups.

If you have never heard of cross fit sit ups (perhaps you know them by another name); sit down and put the soles of your feet together so that your knees are a part and as close to the ground as possible. Now lie down and stretch your arms behind your head. Now sit up and touch your toes. Try not to move your legs!

Good luck with your training, and if you have any cool exercises that you like to do, feel free to share!

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