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Monday, 28 January 2013

Saying Goodbye

I am exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. This weekend was a long weekend in Australia, to celebrate Australia Day. Normally a weekend reserved for drinking, BBQ's and swimming.

Saturday wasn't too bad, I decided I didn't want to do too much because I had been helping mum clean up most of the week and knew we would be back into it on Sunday.We're moving house, saying goodbye to our childhood home of the last 14 years.

So I stayed at home and swam in our dam most of the day, then went out for dinner and watched a movie with a couple of friends. It was nice to catch up with them and just get a chance to talk. We have been friends since we were 13 but lately there has been a lot going on in all our lives so it has been getting harder and harder to get together for some decent down time.

Sunday. Wow what a day. We started off slow, slept in and deciding what we wanted to do that day. Then we spent the rest of the morning cleaning and and packing up. Then came the call at lunch time, we are going to move today. TODAY! Bloody hell.

So to back up a bit, we were moving in to my sisters and her partners house in the interim while the divorce goes through and mum finds another house... but not for another week! But my Brother-in-law (to be) decided we might as well do it now while he had the time.

So Sunday saw me, my mum, my sister and her partner packing, stacking, lifting furniture and making trips to the garages where we were storing our stuff and to their house with our more personal items. It was about 8pm by the time we were settled in and by then me and mum were exhausted. We were hot, sweaty, dusty, thirsty and tired. So I bought pizza and we had a few ruskis then went to bed.

Needless to say that sleeping in someone elses house meant that I didn't sleep well at all. Then next morning we were up and cleaning again. I stopped for lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Then back into it again.

Again, we were so exhausted that we just grabbed what we could to eat from the fridge.

See the pattern?

But do you know what? I am so exhausted I don't care. I can't think about anything else. Today I'm back at work and will hopefully try and stick to my routine and not go buy a bag of chocolates to munch on for the sugar rush. But as for the weekend I am not going to feel guilty. I can't. I am too drained. That can wait until I have the energy and the time to evaluate and think about my eating decisions again.

But don't worry too much. I am going to boxing tonight and will have to take the dogs for a walk. So my exercise is not being affected at least.

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