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Monday, 26 January 2015

Hynotherapy and Positive Thinking

My thing at the moment is trying Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) and one of the things that came up was the language we use- like Trying. Which implies that we have to try and that it is a struggle and there is a chance of failure. Since I got pulled up on it I've noticed that I use that language a lot with diet and exercise - 'I will try to eat well this week', 'I will try and get some exercise in today', and my favourite in response to any questions about how great I'm doing 'Yeah for now' and 'We'll see'.

To which I was pulled up on and corrected into - You will eat better today. You will exercise today. You will reach your goal weight. You will live healthier etc etc

It really highlighted to me just how much I self sabotage and don't believe in myself. And by simply not believing whole heartedly in myself I am essentially allowing myself to fail.

Every year I say, this is my year, I will do better, I will reach my goal. But then I get busy, I get tired, I get stressed and my health becomes the last thing on my list to worry about. But that is going to stop. This year is my year and the reason is because I have achieved everything I need to on my list at the moment, except my weight. I am determined to get this last thing on my list right.

I am also feeling extremely positive at the moment. Which I think is because my work schedule has finally balance, cash flow is finally happening again (building a house takes it's toll!) and because I've decided I need to focus on me and do the things I actually want to do, not what I feel obligated to do.

Anyways, saying all that, I am aware that I self sabotage myself. I know how to eat healthy, I know how to exercise, I know what to do lose weight. Yet I don't do it. Or I do it for a while then fall off the band wagon. Which is why I thought I would try Hypnotherapy and give my mind a reboot and hopefully stop myself from self sabotaging. I figure, if I've spent all that money on boot camp and it didn't work, then why not on Hypnotherapy? Especially when so many of the issues are in my head.

And if it does work, then it is definitely money well spent.

I've had one session so far and am listening to a CD once a day until my next session next week. After that we'll see how many sessions I need. In the lead up to Hypnotherapy I had already committed to eating healthier, so I was already on the right track- no chocolate, bread etc, portion sizing and eating fruit and vegetables and had done really well. This week I am committed to continuing the process and I think the hypnotherapy will help reinforce that positive attitude and self control I need.

The test will be in a months time if everything is still going along on track. Because it's not hard for me to maintain control and be healthy for weeks on end, but months? That's a whole different band wagon. But this time I will do it!

I will reach my goal weight. I will be healthier. I will live a healthy life style. I will exercise every day. I will not self sabotage myself. I will be a better me. I will be a more positive me. I will be a happier me. I will live my life.

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