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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Jumping on the band wagon

So for a while now smoothies and juices have been making a splash as the new health thing to do. Almost everyone I know is doing it and I've been holding back as I wasn't sure it was something I could get into. But finally I bit the bullet and bought myself a cheap blender that makes it easy and simply with no fuss and great travel cups.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, it's been going really well. I just have one first thing in the morning, keep it simple with bananas, frozen berries or mango and spinach. Most of the time I mix in ice and water, sometimes I had rice milk and LSA if I know I'm on the run a bit more and need something to get me through the day.

It's taken over a week but I've noticed a huge improvement in my eating habits- less snacks, and smaller portion sizes. I think that having something so fresh and healthy to start the day helps motivate me for the rest of the day. Plus it is filling, so between that and my coffee, it gets me through to lunch time, by which I will have some healthy leftovers which usually can get me through to dinner. If not, some yoghurt or carrots are my go to snacks so far.

I have been having dessert but since finishing off my tub of ice cream I've decided to not buy anymore, same with chips etc and see how I go. Hopefully by stocking up on healthy alternatives I can cut back on my bad habits.

The good thing about the smoothies is that I know that I have already had my fruit and 1 serve of vegetables before I've even started my day. So a great way to make sure I get some vegies and fruit in before things get busy. Then I just try and eat veggies with lunch and dinner and to try and get my 2+5.

It seems to be making a difference as well. The reason I started in the first place was because I was worried I was falling off the band wagon after finishing up PT and moving out of home. But by trying to make healthy convenient and tasty things have settled down and my clothes are already fitting better again. Good to feel back in control!

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