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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Feeling it today!

Wow am I on a blogging roll or what? Must be my 3rd time this week? Not that I have readers that will notice, but it feels good to share don't it?

Anyways, last night I had my third workout session this week. That's right, this week!

Damn, I'm becoming one of those fitness nuts. Uh-oh!

Anyways, I sure am feeling it today. Walking is difficult.

Not that the exercise were terribly difficult. But they sure worked you over!

So here is my workout for yesterday:

Warm up on the treadmill.

200 skips on the skipping rope
20 Commando push ups
200 skips
20 triceps dips
200 skips
20 whatchamacallits..your on the gymnast's bar and your bring tuck your knee's up while lifting off the ground?
200 skips
50 fit ball sit ups
200 skips
50 leg drops

Cool down on the treadmill.

So today I am tired. I am sore. I am hungry and just want to snack on all that delicious sugary food.

Does that mean I will? No. Because I am better than that.

But I will have a big healthy breakfast to get me started ;)

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